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4 1/2" Black "Bose" BackPocket

The Bose BackPocket knife was a design that Tony Bose came up with to provide a big slip joint that would ride nicely in the back pocket of jeans.  He says that he has carried large pocket knives in his back pocket next to his wallet for years and has never lost one.

This knife is made with a drop point blade, steel is A2, and covers are made of black paper Micarta done in shadow form(no bolsters) with birdseye pivot washer.  I did what is called a “flush joint” where the tang end is flush with the frame of the knife when closed.  The spring is nearly flush as well, only liking about .010″ of being flush with the tang end.

The blade and spring is etched with ferric chloride (just for effect) and a lanyard tube is normal fare for this pattern.  A paracord lanyard is attached.

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