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3 3/4" Ivory Norfolk "0"

This is the first one of these patterns for me and another first;  Two blade knife with pivots on both ends on a single spring.  The Norfolk is a very old pattern first made by Joseph Rodgers and Sons of Sheffield, England in the later part of the 1800s.  Norfolk is the name of the street where the company was located.  Newly re-patterned for the 2009 Case/Bose Collaboration Knife by Tony Bose, it is a classic design with beautiful lines and useful blades in a wonderfully pocketable package.

This knife is considered a 2-blade pen knife due to the dual pivot/single spring configuration.  The spring and blade material is made of  .108″ thick 154CM stainless steel stock.  That doesn’t leave much room for the blades to fit in the pocket so the crinks and grinds and swedges are critical in making this knife work correctly.  When the blades are closed, there is enough room on all sides of the blades so that a piece of note paper will slide thru.  The blades are purposely left with a 220 grit belt finish so that blade rubs(if it occurs) don’t show.

3 3/4 Ivory Norfolk

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  • Rob Busby

    Hi Kerry,
    beautiful knives. What is the wait time to have you build a knife? I especially love the black backpocket and the teardrop jack.

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