"If it was easy, a bunch of girls would be doin it"

3.5″ Bose/Hampton Trappers

These knives are based on Tony’s Wharncliffe Trapper pattern, a two blade knife.  We made this pair for fundraising purposes for the National Knife Collectors Association.    Tony made the clip knife and I made the Wharncliffe.  They are both covered with Case Chestnut Bone and have a pinned, 410 SS bullock shield, 410 stainless rattail bolsters, and 154CM stainless blades and springs.

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  • ReginaPhalange

    Hmm. Haven’t figured out yet what your site is about, but I came across one of your posts at BFC while looking for more info on a Case 6232 that just fell into my lap today. Then I noticed your sig. And I see your motto is posted here, too. I’m not sure what “it” you’re referring to (knifemaking? there are female knifemakers, are there not? Why, yes, there are. Here’s a thread at BFC about some: http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=294514 ), but as a female knife knut, I resent the implication that girls are only capable of easy things.

  • There are only about 10 “girls”(actually they are women but I know you were trying to make a point) listed in that thread link you posted so that wasn’t what I would call overwhelming evidence of a “bunch of girls”. That said, I think most people realize that “If it was easy, a bunch of girls would be doing it” is a joke. Like most humor, it sometimes offends. Chillax and enjoy the knives…that IS what the site is about, BTW.

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